How to be creative


Here are some interesting insights about the creative process, by PBS Digital Studios

Points I found interesting:

  • Creativity, for the most part, is a very messy affair.
  • The notion that it comes from nowhere, is false.
  • One of the keys to creativity is the ability to stay in a place where you don’t exactly know what’s going to happen next.
  • Chase down Ideas, but understand that not all of them will lead somewhere.
  • The experience of pursuing an idea will influence the next idea.
  • Creativity is a spiral of excitement and despair. Allow the despair as it leads to new things.
  • A good healthy collaboration will always make a creative piece better.
  • Your ideas are not you. Criticisms of your ideas are not you.
  • You shouldn’t be married to your ideas and should be ready to let go.
  • Nothing is original. You process influences. Let go of the notion of originality.
  • You create things using a remix like process.
  • If you keep pushing, you can get to some place beyond what you thought was possible.