Bluetooth controlled mobile robot


The BC04 bluetooth module allowed me to control my mobile robot using my Android phones Bluetooth. In case you’re clueless about the BC04 module, refer to my earlier blog post

Android App:


Download the APK
App Source Code

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Chatting with a BC04 Bluetooth module using Android


I wanted to control an Arduino UNO board using my android phones Bluetooth. The UNO board doesn’t have Bluetooth and so requires an external Bluetooth module. I found a small Bluetooth module (BOLUTEK BLK-MD-BC04-B) at and purchased it for experimenting.


The BC04 module can be interfaced to your designs using UART. Before pairing with a device, the module enters into a command mode and can be configured using AT commands. Upon pairing with a device the module enters into a communication mode.

Documentation of the module:
BLK-MD-BC04-B Bluetooth Module Specification
BOLUTEK BLK-MD-BC04-B Bluetooth Module AT Commands

Testing the BC04 Bluetooth module:

Since I bought only one module I wanted to be extra careful, and so built a PCB for the module. The design is just an extension of the Application Circuit Diagram from the module specification file.



Eagle Schematic and Layout
BC04 Eagle Library
Schematic and Layouts as PDF

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