This time I went about building my own low cost Arduino clone. To make sure that my design was consistent with arduino boards, I used Sparkfuns RedBoard design as a reference.

At first I wanted to attempt a single layer layout. As you can see, I ended up using lots of jumpers 😦 Also,  I customized the board to use SOT223 packages for the voltage regulators (bottom layer). I had to use male header pins for the IO’s as my component stash was void of female headers.

Downloads: Eagle Schematic and Layout


The board makes use of an atmega328 with an UNO bootloader. You can either purchase a bootloaded chip or load the bootloader using a programmer. Here’s a list of sites that sell a pre-bootloaded Atmega328: Continue reading


Simple Line Following robot using an Arduino


A long time back, during my college days, I had built a line following robot using an 8051 microcontroller. After college that robot aged and died in my backyard shed. Ever since I’ve been planning on resurrecting her, and finally did, using an Arduino Uno.

To make the robot platform I used two geared motors from an old toy crane, and a cheese tub.

Newborn Robot

Line follower robot platform

Here’s a view after attaching a front wheel and IR sensors.

Bottom view

Bottom view

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