Clay Jones Overdrive Pedal


Today I opened a guitar pedal that I had constructed during my Masters degree. A good friend of mine, Mangesh, had helped design the wooden enclosure.


When I opened the pedal, I couldn’t recall which effect version it contained. At first I thought it was a Chaos pedal. But then I spotted that it had some transistors too. So I scoured through some old notebooks and print outs searching for my guitar effect schematics. Eventually I found the one, turned out it was the Clay Jones Overdrive.

Schematic of the Clay Jones Pedal:


Here’s an interesting read about the pedal

Bypass Switch

I had modified the design to include a bypass switch. At the time, I couldn’t find a strong stomp box switch and had settled for a bypass switch design using a momentary push button. The switch used a CD4049 and CD4053 to provide the bypass action.


Eagle Schematic and Layout for the bypass switch

Demo Video


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